$500 Walmart Gift Card WINNERS!

Hi Gamers,

I know you’re all super excited to find the winners of the $500 Walmart Gift Cards! Ten names were randomly drawn and ten e-mails were sent out! So far we’ve only heard from six of you.

Make sure you check your e-mails!

When the last four people claim their prize I will happily announce the full list!

Thank you everyone for playing!

And I know you’re all curious about what we’re doing for December — I promise you will love it! I will keep you posted.

Hint? For the holidays IWON will have LOTS of winners…LOTSĀ  and LOTS of WINNERS!

Are you excited?

Happy Gaming!


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21 Responses to $500 Walmart Gift Card WINNERS!

  1. mary clark says:

    Congrats to all winners. What a great gift just before the holidays.Just hope IWON is in the giving mood closer to Christmas

  2. Terri Alcaraz says:

    woooooooooooooo hoooooooooo prizes and more prizes.

  3. Canary Parker says:

    Hope I’m one of those winners. Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. Linda McIntosh says:

    Sure am excited to see what’s in store for Christmas. Sure hope to be a winner.

  5. Dennis says:

    I already checked my email, so I know I’m not a winner. If the other 4 people haven’t claimed the prize by now though they never will. Stinks to be then. I just hope you really do give lots of winners for the christmas gift you promised and I hope I win that.

  6. Cathy L. says:

    I checked my email and I guess I was not a winner. I hope I am one of the winners in the contest this month.

  7. chuckie1947 says:

    I won too Merry Christmas everyone.

  8. Nona Mills says:

    Hope I’m one of those winners. Merry Christmas everyone.

  9. easterbunny6104 says:

    I wish I knew if I have every won anything

  10. wammy53 says:

    I think there should be a time limit to respond to a prize winning email and if a winner doesn’t respond by that time another winning name should be drawn. It has been 16 days since this blog was posted and probably 25+ days since the winners were notified. How much longer is IWON going to wait before drawing new winning names? There are a lot of us who are dedicated players who could use the money to pay everyday bills, oil or buy food.

  11. thatagirl47 says:

    player since 2009 have yet to recieve e-mail is this normal? Also why does it say I have messages I cant find them.

    • M. says:

      Hi thatagirl47. Click on pending messages, then wait, I am on a faster computer and it still is slow getting messages open on iwon. Then a page comes up and you click on the messages there. Or some comments will be on your profile page, you click on your username, found at top left of iwon front main page. Once there, you will see on right side, notification and messages. Hope that helps.

  12. pete klaus says:

    happy new year too all that work at iwon. i enjoy playing here and thanks for the win on may 29th last year cant wait too win again thanks see you in the games!!

  13. tina says:

    i sure hope i was a winner,even if i was i didnt get the email i was not able to retrieve them for a while someone else was!!!!

  14. Haven’t seen anything posted showing winners of $500 Walmart Cards. When are you going to draw new winners to replace those who haven’t responded?

  15. jimcot1 says:

    use the phone and call them.

  16. Pat says:

    Winning is wonderful when it happens but have to get a lot of e-mail is not.
    I would love to be a winner for once

  17. jserra says:

    Do the emails telling you you won come from IWON or one of those goofy spam things that we all ignore like “YOU HAVE WON” or “Click to see your prize” or something equally disturbing coming from who knows where?!

  18. bombblash says:

    r u listing winners how soon 11 days passed

  19. barbara thier says:

    I ment to post this earier. I was one of the winners. I was notified via email. I responded right away! I was so excited as I’m disabled,lonly,& broke! :) I did sped Xmas alone so it just felt like I celebrated by being able to pay some bills! Thanks so much IWON. I love your site. Catiblue;Angles Against Hunger (>.<)

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