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Hi Gamers!

As you know we at IWON believe a game is just a bit more fun when there is a potential prize involved! Over the years IWON has awarded over 500,000 prizes totaling more than $72 million in value!

August 31st marks the last day you can use to your well earned coins to enter into the Annual Sweepstakes. We will not be renewing this feature for the 2011-2012 year, however you will still have plenty of opportunities to WIN BIG from!  Sign in and you can spin the Spin2Win wheel up to twenty times a day! Prize Machine too! How about testing your luck on one of our over 100 IWON Jackpots? And when you’re tired of all that gaming, you can enter your coins into our Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Sweepstakes for a chance to win several different prizes, including a new laptop, HUGE flat screen TV, and up to $1,000 in cold hard cash! That’s not even all your chances to win… we have Pick 7 and Prize Pop too!

Woah,  writing it all out like that makes my head swim with dollar signs!

Don’t forget to enter the final Annual Sweeps! Only a few days left for your chance to win up to $1,000,000!

Happy Gaming!


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24 Responses to WIN UP TO 1,000,000 From!

  1. Betty Heller says:

    When will the winner of the Annual Sweepstakes be posted and where? I couldn’t find it anywhere last year. Thank you

  2. Robert Hursey says:

    Is IWON going to fade away? Why no more annual sweep? Will the monthly, weekly, and daily sweeps still run?

  3. Tonseventy1 says:

    Goodbye IWON Annual Sweepstakes! :(

  4. James Burns says:

    I’ve been a member since July of 2000 and although I have played almost every single day all these years I’ve not won one cent. So once again Iwon has made all these “exciting” changes and it really means nothing.

  5. Sorry to see it go but it will be nice if you post the monthly winners, like the yearly one.

  6. Wow, how sad, the annual sweepstake is what I dream about every year since playing IWON. I believe I am one of the beginners for I have been playing more years that I can remember. Lost my original name and password, so I started over. I can’t believe the only sweepstake that I believe is real, is no longer going to be available. How sad. Been playing Pick-7 the same numbers for years now and I don’t even get close. Nobody wins Pick-7. The annual sweepstake at least you know there is a real person winning. Very disappointed. Who know’s maybe this last year I’ll be the winning. It sure would be nice.

  7. James McDonald says:

    I sorry to see their will not be an annual iWon Grand Prize for 2012. That was the main reason why I have stayed with iWon all these years. With the economy at a low, it is hard for advertisers and sponsors to shell out the money for prizes. iWon needs some maintenance on games, like the ad over the continue button on Skywriter. You can’t start the game again with the continue button.

  8. movinslow says:

    Have you quit having the annual million dollar sweepstake??
    I usually enter it daily; but today it wasn’t there.

  9. What happen to the comment I left expressing how disappointed about not having the annual sweepstakes? The annual sweepstake is the only thing I look forward to every year. Every year I dream and pray to be the big sweepstake winnner since the beginning when IWON just started. Pick-7 play the same numbers for years and never get close. How I miss the old IWON classic. Now that put all game web sites to shame. They were real winners and offend. Most people don’t even know what’s a blog, leaving allot of people out to comment.

  10. magnetic_field says:

    What happened ??? Did the insurance to cover the jackpot become to expensive??? I have a question has anyone ever hit 5 or 6 numbers yet ???
    I realize that the economy is bad and it’s hard to find the advertising revenue to cover such a prize.
    It will be missed.

  11. David Brown says:

    I like this feature of your site.

  12. Kathy Thayer says:

    Hey, where did the million dollar yearly sweepstakes go. And where are all my coins I had invested into the sweeps? Anybody know?

  13. Potawatomi13 says:

    However; after playing this game over 10 years and seeing the guaranteed $1,000,000 prize turn into a prize that’s only ‘Up to” 1 million it loses most of its luster and incentive. After seeing even that “prize” be degraded to a rigged contest that has only awarded $100,000 every year since it changed from a million it has lost 95% of its original incentive to waste time on the website. And waste it is as now we are forced to waste hours to get all entries possible since you took away the level playing field of 100 entries daily for everybody. Bring back the old IWon and fix all the other site problems that have gone on so long.

  14. laddimus says:

    For some reason my e-mail notifications have ceased on iwon sweepstake results. I have been entering almost daily, as well as weekly and monthly and annually as well. Could you please reconnect me for notification? Thanks, Ladd

  15. laddimus says:

    Strange… I filled my name or my username as well as my e-mail and it keeps coming back to be “completed” in required info…!

  16. Tim Wix says:

    Who won?

  17. Susan says:


  18. Cookie says:

    What happened to the $1,000,000 sweepstakes? I’ve played on the site, adding coins to that sweepstakes for a couple years now, and all of a sudden it’s gone. There is no posting about a winner or a discontinuation of that prize, and no explanation as to why it’s no longer on the site. Why is it no longer on the iWon site?

  19. Keisha says:

    I will love to win somethang please

  20. Aglaia says:

    I am very disappointed that you are not renewing the Annual Sweepstakes for the 2011-12 year. Several of us were chatting during a game the other day wondering why that feature was no longer available. Why are you not offering it? Many of your players are going to be very displeased. Also, when are your going to post the winners from the latest Annual Sweepstakes?

  21. tuokcalb says:

    It is hard for me to believe so few people pay attention or read. Not knowing you announced the demise of the “annual” prize is akin to all the new players who don’t read or heed that they can only be on one (1) team.

    In 1999 (my original name and email were also stolen or compromised); I really felt that I would win. I didn’t. With the present state of the economy, more small winners could be a real blessing. The one major winner is too much like the few major teams that win continually. For me a $100 or a $1000 would really boost my food budget or help pay for the new air conditioner (a real necessity in this heat). Best wishes to all.

  22. jimcot1 says:

    it would be nice if gave a prize when players hit a billion coins. maybe a tee should have a page to tell who has won so they could collect it..also a page for changes.

  23. gcanterbury says:

    I don’t believe anyone has won this prize, ever. I think it was the ‘Coin Dump’ sending entries into the abyss. I am wondering about the monthly prize now! Do people win these, or do you just throw up some random name and say ‘Yeah! Here’s the winner. Yeah! That’s the ticket!’.

  24. Tim Wix says:

    Any news on who the winner is yet for the Annual Sweepstakes?

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